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This is the web site of the original documented Gabrieleño Native American tribe who have proven lineage's to Indian ancestors and rancherias or villages.             This documentation was not achieved by worthless papers from the BIA of a CDIB which has proven that even non Indians received one. 

Some of our members who are certified proven descendants of villages or Rancherias such as ( Tameobit, Atongai, Tamet, Nasin, Juyubit, Sibangna, Yangna ), are still living in the heart of San Gabriel (Toviscangna) near the San Gabriel mission as early as the 1700s when the natives were conquered and captured by the Spanish.  These natives were brought from other villages to construct the San Gabriel mission  by force.  Many of the descendants of these ancestors of prehistoric villages, Tautimes, Perez, Mendibles, Romero, Rosas, still reside today in the heart of San Gabriel California.

Our Native families have been having meetings for generations from the early 1700's until present day.  Our elders who are our leaders and teachers have been holding private meetings to pass on important stories and the history of our people. They have taught us to have self respect and to keep our culture and way of living alive.

Some non Indians or non Gabrieleños (Tongva) who are Ph.D.'s now in well-known university's and are teaching native languages and culture have come to our private meetings in the 1990’s as they said,” to only learn the prehistoric history of our people”.  These non Indians who now call themselves Gabrielino or Tongva then learned our history, stories & culture and turned around and stole it to use for there own greed, lust, and ego and to manipulate the public. These are the people that caused the splinter groups.  Their jobs were to keep us apart by fighting one another so they themselves could continue to gain and leave the Indians nothing. 

This small note is not about bickering but is about TRUTH. This tribe knows there is no such thing as splinter groups of Gabrieleno or (Tongva).  They do know there is only one true tribe and that is this tribe.          

    Aho                Andy Salas

The Kizh/Gabrieleño Indians once inhabited the entire Los Angeles basin.  The boundaries extended southward to Laguna Beach.  The San Gabriel Mountains bordered the land on the east.  The Pacific ocean laid to the west and its natural border included the Channel Islands of Santa Catalina, San Nicholas and San Clemente.  Northern limits extended through Ventura to parts of Santa Barbara.  They were from the original Shoshonean nation who inhabited this large area since approximately 12,000 BC. 

Remains of their ancestors have been discovered for hundreds of years throughout the southland.

The Gabrieleño were first known by the Spanish as Kichireños “people of the willow houses” they were the people who canoed out to greet Spanish explorer Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo upon his arrival off the shores of Santa Catalina and San Pedro in 1542. Cabrillo declined their invitation to come ashore and visit. Their original name Kizh (pronounced keech) having been lost through assimilation into Spanish culture, they came to be called Gabrieleño because of their forced labor with the San Gabriel Mission . They STILL inhabit all of Los Angeles County , as well as parts of Riverside, San Bernardino and Orange County. There were an estimated 5,000 in the region when the first Spanish settlers arrived in 1771. There are over 100 prominent known sites that are Gabrieleño villages, each having had as many as 400 to 500 kizh huts. Hereditary chieftains who wielded almost total authority over the community led the villages. Today academia continues to desecrate our true name, culture and history by promoting the misnomer of Tongva.

Kizh,Kitc (Keech)

©Andy Salas

Tribal Council


we are the original tribe of the Los Angeles Basin who achieved state recognition in 1994 under AJR 96 as the Gabrielino tribal council and WHEREAS, The State of California has had consistent interaction with the our tribal government, known originally as the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians; also achieved in 1994 under the tribes incorporator, Ernie P. Salas, the tribes leader and who obtained the tribes first 501C3 on 1-28-1994.